Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Welcome to our blog! Thank you for reading about our big adventure south as we embark on a season  of wildlife filming at Port Lockroy - a real working post office surrounded by a colony of 4000 gentoo penguins on Goudier Island, just off the Antarctic Peninsula. My name is Ruth and I am working with Andrew Graham-Brown (AGB Films) to make a Natural World film called Penguin Post Office.

So our adventure has now well and truly begun... We set off from the UK on Monday night and arrived in Buenos Aires today (Tuesday) after a 14 hour flight. We then took another, shorter flight to Ushuaia, where we are currently staying the night.

This was the view from the plane as we landed in Ushuaia - hopefully a taste of the stunning views to come. 

Our kit took up 4 trolleys in Ushuaia. Here Andrew is waiting with Tudor Morgan (Antarctic Heritage Trust) and all the kit at the airport in Buenos Aires.  

This my new favourite hat! A leaving present from my brother which I love and will be making my lucky mascot. Andrew is less keen...  It's been approved by people I've met at the the airport though and should keep me warm! :D 

We aim to set sail tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, if the weather stays on our side. We will be sailing on the yacht Pelagic and I hope to be able to update you with our journey as it progresses.